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Free Web Hosting

All Free Web Hosting Sites Make Money Somehow


When it comes to running a business online, most companies do not share their secrets to success with anyone. However, when getting started online with a free web hosting service, in most cases that is what will happen. Since many companies that offer free web hosting services do not do it out of the kindness of their hearts, you must understand that someone is paying for the expensive servers on which the sites are stored as well as the maintenance costs in keeping the web sites on their service up and running.


For the majority of personal and small business use of free web hosting, this is completely acceptable. If the domain in the URL is obtained through the free web host, then the domain name, usually of the site owner's choosing, is often listed first in the name, with the free web hosting company's name second in the URL used to access the site. For personal use, it only adds to the name typed in to access the site and is not a big deal, but for businesses, it can be difficult for customers to remember or to take seriously, unless maybe if you can include the option to bookmark the site somewhere on the landing page of the business website, then this may help to reduce the problem.


How the free web hosting companies make their money may vary, but in most cases, it is from ads placed on the site by third-parties. Many times the ads are not obvious and are only present if someone clicks on a banner or a small button, but the companies paying for these ads are charged every time a visitor goes to their site, enabling the free web hosting company to continue hosting the sites.


Choose Free Web Hosting Services With Caution!


With most of the free web hosting services, you will have little or no control over the type of ads that will appear on the site. While most will allow you to post your own ads, they will also place ads from other businesses at random on the site and the type of web site you host may not be appropriate for all types of advertising. Companies or individuals that do not want other advertisers to show up on their site may want to look into some of the cheap web hosting companies that allow them to fully own their web hosting presence.


For families wanting a personal web site on which to post information about births, family reunions and other personal information, free web hosting may be a great option. They can communicate with members of the family on what is going on in life without needing to pay to host their web site, including pictures. Many free hosts also offer photo galleries or blogs where any member of the family can add to the information included on the free web hosting site.